Sunday, October 16, 2011

West Virginia Vacation 2011

We're just in from our vacation. I'll post a few photos, but list some details later.

I have to say, having now toured just about every eastern state, that West Virginia is pretty much the most scenically beautiful state in the eastern USA.

I've been to Seneca Rock many times. And I knew that there were trails on the mountain, but I did not know that you could actually reach the very high summit without resorting to a technical climb. Well, I reached the high point after a hike with an elevation gain of about 1,000 feet that involved only a brief scramble up a steep slope to get to the very tip of the mountain.

This is the view reserved only for those who reach the top of Seneca Rock. Don't look for it on any of the trails. It ain't there. (Click to embiggen this beauty.)

Seneca Rock from the visitors center at the base of the mountain. As you can see, from the spot where I was standing in that first photo, if you go in the wrong direction without the proper equipment and training, you're in for a very painful death.

This is the brief rock scramble I had to make past the official trail to achieve the summit. I suppose this is what rock climbers refer to as "Class III" scrambling. Maybe not even that severe. But about the limits of my comfort levels.

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