Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Latest Golden Age Disney

Here's the latest pickup of a Golden Age Disney comic for my collection. These old Dell Comics are amazing on so many levels. In this instance, we have a book written and illustrated by Carl Barks. Walt Disney thought that the comic book representations of the Disney characters was so important that he hand-picked Barks to do the lion's share of the Duck stories in comic book form. The ducks had become the most popular of his characters in every form of media that Disney was producing, and he wanted the kids buying the comics to have the best stories and art possible. In Carl Barks, what we got was one of the most talented guys to ever create comic book stories for kids.

For ten cents, a kid got a 28-page Barks epic, followed by a 20-page story by a couple of other journeymen Disney artists Paul Murry (pencils) with inks by Carl Buettner, along with one-page gag strips on the inside front and back covers. And with not a single ad in the book! It was all stories and illustrations from cover to cover! Yes, I know a dime went a lot farther in 1950 when this book was published. But, please! What a deal!

Four Color #300, featuring Donald and his nephews in a grand adventure!

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