Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kitties from the Loft

I like taking photos from the loft (which is now my office). Today I looked down on the new couch to see Cairo and Lilly napping there. We have matching throws coming in for the new furniture, but for now we have to keep them covered to prevent the cats from using them for scratching posts. I know some people have their cats de-clawed, but I think that is a cruelty beyond measure. Imagine if someone removed your fingers because they didn't like the way you handled things. A cat's claws are, in effect, its fingers. So we do things like temporarily toss blankets over the furniture until the covers get back from the seamstress.

Hey, Pop! What you doin' up there?

Cairo and Lilly often sleep side by side. Sophie, however, rarely allows one of the other cats to sleep near her.

Fast asleep. Lilly is one of those cats who can (and will) drift off into a very deep sleep.


Jack said...

Cute Kitties!

HemlockMan said...

We love our cats.