Monday, February 21, 2011

Unexpected Snow.

Yesterday we went for a ride to scope out some of the local recreation areas. We found a National Forest campground that had totally escaped our notice and we're definitely going to take our travel trailer there as soon as we can. I'll post some details on that spot in a couple of days.

On the way back it began to rain. This was expected as the weather report had called for such. However, as we gained elevation and began to close in on Blackwater State Park snow began to mix in and soon the rain had turned completely to snow! And not just a flurry, but a full-on blinding snowstorm! In nothing flat it began to accumulate everywhere, adding to the deep snow that was already covering most of the terrain.

So we delayed our trip to a local restaurant so that we could hike to the Blackwater Falls overlook in the snow. We took a few photos and then drove back into Thomas WV where we had a light supper at a Restaurant/Hostel in the middle of the tiny town. The place was packed with young people staying at the hostel and there was live music by a very talented fellow playing neo-classical piano.

Looking down on Blackwater Falls. The volume over the falls was fantastic!

The happy travelers in the snow.

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