Thursday, February 17, 2011

Amazing Adult Fantasy

This is the latest addition to my Silver Age comic book collection:

My copy of Amazing Adult Fantasy #13.

You gotta love that title. These days it would have some twisted sexual connotation, but in the relatively innocent days of the early 1960s it was a good title for a comic book filled with weird fiction.

The copy's in decent shape, I got it at a good price, and best of all it's Steve Ditko from cover to cover! I really enjoy these books. Amazing Adult Fantasy was Steve Ditko's title and I'm pretty sure he did all of the art in all eight issues of the book, ending with AMAZING ADULT FANTASY #15 which introduced the Amazing Spider-Man and Peter Parker, and his guardians, Aunt May and Uncle Ben.

Narrowing down the collection slowly but surely. If you'd told me seven years ago that I'd be collecting old comics I'd have figured you for a crackpot. I'm having a great time putting this collection together.


Loston said...

Oooooohhh! I'm lovin' that! Nice, Bob!

HemlockMan said...

I'm waiting to pick up two pre-hero Marvels from a friend who was nice enough to bring them to town from an online purchase (he met up with the dealer in Greenville SC last week). Can't wait to get my hands on those, too.

Kirk G said...

Don't forget to smell the pages. One of the best things I recall was the smell of the old silver age Marvel comics, slightly damp and becoming yellowed! Smell the ink and cheap paper!~

HemlockMan said...

Oh, yeah. I love the smell of comic book pulp!