Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lindy Point

I hiked through some seriously deep snow to get to an overlook today. I'd promised myself to take a winter photo from Lindy Point which I'd visited before during summer. But the road to the trailhead was shut because of deep snow so that added more than a mile to the hike, so instead of a one and a half mile round trip I was looking at a four-mile round trip. Still an easy hike if you didn't consider that I was going to be hiking through extremely deep snow with many patches of hardened ice. If I hadn't worn my Yaktrak Pros I probably wouldn't have been able to make the hike in a reasonable time frame. As it was I did it fairly quickly. I only encountered one other person the hike--a woman who'd ski'd in on her cross-country skis, but she left soon after I arrived at Lindy Point so I had the place to myself for quite a while.

The trail in to Lindy Point. Very deep snow and lots of ice.

I went over the fence onto a rock pillar to get this photo. That's my camera tripod beside the viewing platform.

And here I am at the tower of rock they call Lindy Point. The Blackwater Canyon behind me.

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