Sunday, September 12, 2010

BBQ Festival

Friday night Carole and I decided to attend the big BBQ festival in downtown Charlotte. We don't drive to downtown as often as we did when we were younger. It's kind of sad that we don't, when I stop to think about it. When we were young we'd go downtown for all kinds of things--plays, museums, concerts. But now we're mainly old sticks in the mud.

We had a really good time just walking around. The main reason was to sample some good barbecue, and we did that. We also had some rum cake with fresh peach ice cream made on-site at one of the booths. That was really good, too!

The funniest thing was watching the baby pig race, though. They were so darned cute and smart! It's sad to think that the four piglets we watched running around and being so affectionate toward their handler will end up murdered and eaten by the humans they trust too much. Alas.

Sometimes I tend to forget that Charlotte is a city with big buildings. We were once a major banking center, until the Bush administration allowed the bankers to steal their companies into oblivion. Now none of the major banks that were here even exist anymore. They're all gone, gobbled up by other companies.

One of the side streets we walked up to get to the site of the bbq festival.

I like looking up at the skyscrapers. We have some good ones in Charlotte.

Soon we were getting to the booths and temporary restaurants.

In the middle of things it got really crowded.

This is where we sat to eat after we nabbed our sandwiches. They were pretty good! We were very lucky to nab a table.

The view from our seat.

After we ate we went to watch the piglet race.

On your marks...

Those little cuties were flying!

I took a flash photo to freeze them in time.

What's a downtown without a horse-drawn carriage?

This band was playing live outside the Burger and Brew. They were pretty good!

Our truck was parked beside a cemetery. So of course I had to get a morbid shot of that.

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