Wednesday, August 13, 2008

RL Repairs my Freedom

My Nissan Frontier and my Casita travel trailer. Freedom incarnate.

On my last vacation with the travel trailer, I had a minor accident which caused the door to stick. In addition, the bike rack caused the bumper to torque due to a rust spot which broke through and enabled the bumper to twist. My pal, RL Helms (jack of all trades) volunteered to fix the minor door damage and weld a new bumper onto the trailer. The bumper arrived today, so I'll pass it off to him in the morning. As soon as he gives the sign, I'll ride over to his place in the country and retrieve my precious travel trailer.

And then, of course, I must head off to a National Forest campsite or state park campground to spend a few days taking it easy. I'm going stir-crazy here in the city. It has been far, far too long since I've gotten free of the crowds of humans and their machines.

Must go camping and hiking!

Cattail Peak, one of the highest mountains in the eastern USA. Seen from Deep Gap. I may head up in that direction. I'm not sure, yet.

I got my Harvey Awards ballot today. So I'm going to vote this year and get that in the mail. Voting by comic book professionals only. I like the Harvey Awards, which are named in honor of a great fellow, nice man, and one of the most talented individuals ever to put pen to paper to produce comics. I do not like the Eisner Awards, which are named in honor of a dude I don't think deserves an honor.

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