Friday, August 08, 2008


With the almost total absence of agreeable wildlife on my last trip to the forest, I fell back to looking for interesting plants. Most of the flowers had already bloomed and faded, so that was a bit of a bust, too. However, Amicalola Mountain was covered in the most amazing array of mushrooms that I've ever encountered. Everywhere we looked we seemed to see some different type sprouting out of the forest loam or growing out of a trunk, or consuming the fallen trees of years past. Here are a few, maybe appropriate considering the undying subjects of my current novel:

These four had broken the surface together, reminding me a group of dancers.

Something had obviously been munching on this one. Not a surprise, since it looks like pita bread.

This one looked to have just about run its lifespan.

I liked the texture on these.

I should have taken betters shots of this type. They had quite a velvety appearance.

I saw a few of these growing out of tree trunks.

This one was just rude.

The most beautiful type that we saw. The colors were absolutely brilliant.

And then we were gone, headed back to the city.

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