Sunday, August 03, 2008

Charlotte Comicon


Four color magnificence!

I attended a local comic convention run by two guys I've known for a long time, Dave Hinson and Rick Fortenberry. (I'm not sure if Dave is related to Unknown Hinson.)

I had a good time today, even though I didn't sell a single copy of my novel, THE FLOCK. I did manage to spend too much money filling in some gaps in my Steve Ditko Spider-Man comic book collection. The nostalgia fever still rages in my breast. (Beware the nostalgia bug. ) It was an interesting show, with all sorts of cool stuff to buy and many dealers hawking their wares. I was reminded of my days as a seller of collectibles, and I miss those days not at all, even if I have rediscovered a love of all things four-color.

Illustrator Al Bigley setting up his booth.

The muli-talented Andy Smith at work on a sketch.

Budd Root, creator of Cavewoman, taking a cigarette break.

The aisles got crowded.

Some kind of Star Wars character.

"Bruce. Either you tell Robin about us, or I will!"

Budd, taking a cigarette break.

A Star Wars character walking away from me.

Waiting in line outside the restroom.

Budd, taking a cigarette break.

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