Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Divide and Exploit

In a way, it was a brilliant move by the western powers.

Incite nationalist, racist, tribal, and economic hatreds to the point where a target nation can be torn apart, and then claim that you are preventing “ethnic cleansing” by helping the folk whom you incited to do just that, while blaming the victims.

Back in the day, when I was watching with mild interest as the nation we knew as Yugoslavia was being taken to bits, piece-by-piece, I wondered what was going on. The western media, at the time, claimed that Yugoslavia was an unnatural union and that its destruction was merely the logical conclusion of the dissolution of the Soviet military power that had kept it together.
As I began to read, I found that this was not so. The triggers for the destruction of the state of Yugoslavia were pulled by the west…in particular by the Germans who, as one of the more powerful elements in the formative European Union, did not wish to have a last vestige of the old Soviet system sitting in Europe’s midst in the form of Yugoslavia and in the person of Slobodan Milosevic. That Milosevic had been democratically elected and reelected by the people of his nation did not matter. What mattered most was that this system had to be eliminated from Europe and that its head had to be cut off.

By any means necessary.

Now, the Germans were no longer in a position to invade another European nation as they had done twice in the 20th century. No, they had to achieve their territorial goals by other means. How does one invade and partition a sovereign state when one does not have control of the armed forces necessary to accomplish this act?

Well, what you can do is exactly what was done.

You allow factions within the nation to be first incited, divided, and then militarily and logistically provided for. In the end, you allow them access to the weapons they need to begin armed insurrection against the popular government, and then “coming to their aid” when it looks as if they might lose such an armed insurrection.

The breaking up of Yugoslavia was classic and amazing in the level of its insidious development. One can easily read how this was done, piecemeal. The nastiest element of the ensuing struggle was how the Serbs and Milosevic were labeled as war criminals and (to use the current popular term) “bad guys” by the western media. And they were “bad guys” for what reason?

As near as I can figure it, they were “bad” for doing their best to keep their nation intact. They were, in effect, another term the western media loves to bandy about: “patriots”. (Of course the West would never call the Yugoslavians who fought to preserve their country “patriots”. But they were, by every measure of that word.)

The Germans/EU were quite skilful in the way they initiated the breakup of Yugoslavia. First, they pushed to either exacerbate or actually create ethnic tensions where none had existed. They offered the promise of high monetary and political rewards to political appointees and elected officials to rebel against the central authority of the nation in question (Yugoslavia) to the point of gunfire. When a large number of Yugoslavian police officers were slaughtered at a border crossing, Milosevic made his first and biggest error:

He peacefully allowed Slovenia to peel away from Yugoslavia and become a “sovereign” nation. (This is another word the western media loves to use. A nation is “sovereign” only when it suits the western money elite.)

This allowed Germany/EU to see that they could achieve their final goal of the dissolution of an entire country. (A “sovereign” nation, if you will.) From there, they pressed their economic, political, and ethnically charged attacks. Unlike the 1930s and 1940s, this time Germany merely had to create ethnic tensions where none had existed rather than exercising their own racist ideology at the point of the sword. It was quite easy, and rather made it seem almost natural to scream “foul” when the Yugoslavian government naturally reacted to prevent their nation’s complete destruction. Anything of this nature is going to be messy and quite violent. But the greatest tragedy of it lies in the fact that the victim was declared the perpetrator and treated with complete and total savagery by those who had actually initiated the conflict. Joseph Goebbels could not have done better.

In quick order Yugoslavia found itself being shattered, smashed into many pieces from which it is unlikely it could ever reform. Slovenia. Croatia. Bosnia, Montenegro, etc. and etc. And, even today, to add the ultimate insult to the ultimate injury, Kosovo has been partitioned by the western world. This is an act not unlike gang rape.

They don’t call it “Balkanization” for nothing.

In the 1940s the Germans and their Croatian and Muslim lackeys slaughtered Serbs by the hundreds of thousands. No one knows exactly how many Slavs were mass murdered by the German Nazi bastards and their Croatian and Bosnian Muslim running dogs. It’s been said that one out of eight Serbs were killed for not willingly joining the Nazi onslaught and for not, in turn, killing Jews. No, the Serbs not only wouldn’t victimize the Jews in their midst, they actually had the temerity to protect them. (There was a monument in honor of the slaughtered Serbs, but it lies now in Croatia and has been allowed to deteriorate.)

Fast forward five decades later and Germany/EU is finally able to shatter Yugoslavia once and for all to achieve the economic goals which they were denied in April of 1945. Even if they couldn’t kill all of the Serbs in the new century, at least they could demoralize and humiliate them.

Today, I see these same methods being used again. The EU/USA are attempting to surround and shatter other nations. Russia, of course, first and foremost. With their methods already proven through the success with Serbia/Yugoslavia, they are pushing this way of waging war on Russia, and even on tiny Bolivia. (Talk of partitioning Iraq along ethnic lines is actually polite conversation these days. Racism, your day has arrived!) It worked so well once, it can work again (and again, and again), the Western elite has found.

And it will go on--unless, of course, the target nations refuse to cooperate. Unless, of course, the target nations don’t allow the EU/USA to wage such a war on all terms and in all ways, including via propaganda. The next time you hear the western media wailing about “sovereign” nations, take it all with a grain of salt.

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