Friday, April 22, 2016

One Last Task

I had one last thing to do before we had the trailer and truck ready for the trip. I had to take care of the nest of baby birds.

I had a tank of propane filled and took that with me. At the trailer I removed the tank cover and carefully disconnected the tank that the bird had used as substrate for her nest. I could see the babies peeking out at me and one of the parents was obviously in there.

I transferred the nest and accompanying tank to a chair. Then I placed a plastic bucket atop the tank to protect the nest and leave it as much like the previous setup as possible. To keep the wind from knocking the shelter from the nest I placed a chunk of concrete block on top to hold it solidly in place.

It seemed to work just fine. Hopefully when we come back the birds will have fledged and begun their adult lives.

The replacement tank I brought with me.

The nest. They weren't bluebirds. Probably wrens. Not sure.

The birds. I'm pretty sure that's mama or papa on the left. one of the babies visible in the shadow.

The setup as I left it. I tried rigging it with the tank cover from the trailer but it wouldn't work. So I used this plastic bucket.

So now we can leave without hurting the birds.

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