Monday, April 18, 2016

Buffing the Casita

Well, we're getting ready for a road trip with the Casita. So I used the new Black & Decker buffer on the fiberglass instead of the old elbow grease and a brush. I have to say it worked a heck of a lot better and got excellent results.

One minor problem was this: the propane tanks needed to be refilled so I removed the cover so that I could take them off and carry them to a propane station. As soon as I took the cover off I saw that a bird's nest had been built on top of the right canister. I was about to brush it off when I saw movement and looked closer to see three baby bluebirds.

Well, I am not a monster so I quickly replaced the tank cover. Tomorrow I will build a stand and put the tank with the bird's nest on it and leave the tank cover over it. It's only cosmetic and it won't hurt to take a trip without it over the tanks. And I have a spare tank that I can use in place of the one with the bird nest so I don't even have to transfer the nest to something else.

Hopefully, Mama Bird will be okay with the slight change and continue to raise her brood successfully.


I'll do the propane tanks tomorrow...

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