Thursday, May 05, 2016


This is my first chance to post since we got back. We had a great time and explored some new areas and revisited a couple of old favorites. I'll post details as I can find the time.

For the first time in many vacations I actually got a fair amount of writing done. I was able to work steadily on one of my novels which is a rarity when I'm on vacation. During such times I'm either too busy outdoors or too tired after returning to our Casita travel trailer. This trip was different and I was able to get some real work done on a project.

Look for more video and photos in a day or so.

A Rough-scaled green snake we saw at Deer Lake State Park. It looks menacing but is actually a harmless (to humans) constrictor that is non-venomous. This one was about a foot and a half long. Very thin.
The circa 1849 plantation house at Torryea State Park. Just behind this mansion is a 100-foot-tall bluff overlooking the Apalachicola River and the plains beyond. One does not typically see vertical relief of that nature in Florida. It was a surprise. The house contains the second largest collection of Louis XIV furniture in North America (or so we were told).

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