Sunday, May 03, 2015

A Mildly Lazy Day...

We spent kind of a lazy Sunday mainly taking it easy. We grilled out on the barbecue, and then Carole and I washed the linen for the Casita, then scrubbed down the kitchen and bathroom areas of the trailer before stocking some things for our next trip. Just three more weeks until we head out for a camping/kayaking vacation stretching over eleven days.

Getting ready for these trips is almost half the fun.

I opened the new awning to clean it off after our trip to Mills River.

Carole swept and vacuumed the trailer and aired out the area rugs that we keep inside to cut down on dust and dirt.

I climbed into the bed and almost instantly fell asleep for about two hours. This was my view looking out the window at the new awning.

Here's a link to my latest book, my first short story collection from Hippocampus Press: A CONFEDERACY OF HORRORS.

A CONFEDERACY OF HORRORS by James Robert Smith. Foreword by Jason Brock. Afterword by Stephen Mark Rainey. Cover art by Peter Von Sholly.

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