Friday, May 01, 2015

Internet Good

There are some cool things about the Internet. One of these cool things is that I get to meet some interesting folk that way. A couple of years back I got a message from a fellow named Michael Hodges. I've forgotten specifically why he wrote, but I seem to recall that it was over my novel, THE FLOCK. We struck up a friendship that way and I quickly learned that he was both a photographer and a writer.

Eventually, I ended up reading (and then writing a promotional blurb for) a novel his agent was shopping around. I was glad to help, not least because it was a good book.

Some months back he let me know that he'd sold his first novel. Not the one I'd blurbed, but a new one: THE PULLER. Not only had it been picked up by one of my publishers (Severed Press), but he had also optioned the movie rights before the book even saw the light of print!!

As soon as I could, I read it, and I can see immediately why it was picked up by Severed, but also why it was such a good property for a motion picture.

As to what I thought of the book, see the review I did for it at

(And I have to say that when Michael asked me to keep my mouth shut about the movie option I did just that. Uttered not one syllable about it until he and his agency announced it. Bravo!)

Hopefully, I can get Michael to agree to an interview here at the ol' blog.

THE PULLER by Michael Hodges.

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