Sunday, May 10, 2015


Carole and I both love visiting the various large freshwater springs in Florida. Whenever we head down there we research the area to see if we're going to be anywhere near one that we haven't seen. Our favorites are the largest of these--known as "first magnitude"  springs. The more isolated they are, the better. Since we bought our kayaks we've begun visiting the more hard-to-find springs and enjoying the solitude and the vast array of wildlife that surrounds them.

While doing research on the panhandle area where we'll be camping, Carole found information on one that not only have we never seen, but which we didn't even know of. It's a really big, first-magnitude spring so we'll take our kayaks along and explore the spring run that flows out of it. We are really looking forward to this trip.

Blue Spring.

Silver Glen Spring.

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