Sunday, December 28, 2014


Many years ago I was offered a contract for my first short story collection which I titled A CONFEDERACY OF HORRORS. Unfortunately, as I've recounted in the past, the publisher went under before the book saw publication. I kept trying, though, and managed to find another publisher...who also promptly went out of business before the book could appear.

Then more years went by as other publishers expressed interest but weird stuff kept happening (editors left, were fired, etc.).

Finally, years in the making, A CONFEDERACY OF HORRORS found a home at the excellent Hippocampus Press. The book is now up for pre-order and today I was shown the cover rough from the very talented Pete Von Sholly.

It feels good to finally see the book approaching the light of print.


You can order the book HERE.

Cover rough my Von Sholly.

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