Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dumb Stuff

I've done some really dumb shit in my day. Looking back on life, I can hardly believe any boys survive childhood. Even the mildest of us do stupid freaking crap that ought to kill us off by the millions before we even hit puberty.

But it doesn't stop with the end of childhood. Oh, no.

Yesterday I was sick. Really, really sick. Could hardly sleep last night for the pain and constantly hacking up bloody phlegm. But come the alarm clock, what do I do? You got it. I got dressed and went to work.

Dumb. GodDAMN, that was dumb.

Now I am even sicker. So I am going to type this, take a shower, climb into bed and go to sleep. If I wake up this sick in the morning I will head to the doctor's office instead of work.

Go home, Bob. You're dumb.


Lawrence Roy Aiken said...

Speaking as someone who's going through something like this himself, there's some evil shit going around. Doesn't even sound like the same bug, but several. My son had the bloody phlegm thing going, too. Me, just fever...fever...dizziness...oh, shit, here it comes again...good God, did someone turn the heat up to 120?

James Robert Smith said...

It's horrible. I suspect this is the bug Carole brought home from the hospital where she works. It made her sick, but not as sick as I am.