Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Takin' Stock.

Well, the year is almost over. This has been the worst year in a while for me as far as having time to post here at my blog. Things have changed where I work and these days I'm generally too exhausted to do much of anything when I get home except shower, eat some food, and get ready for bed.

At any rate, I was going through photographs that Carole and I took on our vacations this year. And even though this was a bit of an off-year for us as far as traveling was concerned, we still managed to take a few vacations and short trips. Generally, we tried to stay relatively close to home base. The longest trip we took in 2014 was to the Outer Banks. By sticking to the deep South we were able to have some interesting vacations.

Now, we're looking forward to 2015 when we'll travel much farther afield. Glacier National Park in Montana is highest on our list just now. And we're even looking as far into the future as 2016...could Europe be in reach, at last? Maybe so. I don't want to die without having seen Florence, Italy--specifically Brunelleschi's Dome and Ghaberti's Baptistry doors. Hopefully, it'll happen.

Vogel State Park, Georgia.

North Arch, Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area (TN/KY).


Vicki said...

I didn't see Australia on that list. :)

Happy and safe travels. I hope this year is a much better one for you in all ways.

James Robert Smith said...

We would love to see Australia. Especially the eastern ranges and the high country of Tasmania.

But travel there is so expensive. It's on the old bucket list. But trying to afford it would take some deep thinking.