Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park is one that surprised me. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it all that much, but I was very impressed with it. We were only able to spend one entire day there, so barely scratching the surface is an apt description of our time there. Still, we saw a lot and I was even able to hike to the summit of one peak.

Someday I'd like to visit again. But Carole says that she saw enough of it and doesn't care to return.

We'll see.

Carole at Skull Rock.

Carole took this one of me at a small reservoir in the Park.

Typical terrain in Joshua Tree. I got some kind of cactus bud stuck in my boot walking around out there. It was NOT easy to remove from the sole of said boot. Jove help you if it gets in your flesh.

This was actually really high up on a jumble of boulders. Maybe thirty feet up. I have several online pals who go to Joshua Tree to rock climb.

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