Monday, January 06, 2014

Peaks of Otter Lodge Review

I never seem to post actual photos of the inside of the Peaks of Otter Lodge and the lodge rooms. So I'll post a few that I took this time.

The Lodge now has a new concessionaire running the place. I didn't notice any drop in service and they have done a few things that I consider improvements. One thing that they have done is add wide-screen TVs to the rooms. In the past there were no TVs at the lodge. I tend not to watch TV on such trips anyway, because I'm generally hiking. But most people like to at least relax by watching television after spending the day walking or exploring the Parkway.

The restaurant was pretty much the same as I remembered it. The food quality might actually be a little better. One night we had the prime rib buffet which was very nice.

While we were there the Lodge was not heavily occupied. I doubt more than ten rooms or so had been reserved our first night, and on our second night that fell to about three guests. There was plenty of peace and quiet and we sat at the same window table for all of our meals. You can't beat the view overlooking Abbott Lake with the imposing mass of Sharp Top Mountain looming above it all.

If you've never stayed at Peaks of Otter Lodge you've missed out. I highly recommend it.

The front of the lodge on our arrival.

I took this one from the patio of our room.

From the opposite side of Abbott Lake.

Lodge office and restaurant.

View from the Lodge grounds.

The Lodge restaurant. Very comfortable. Excellent food and service.

I took this through the window where our table was located. You can't beat the view!

Ever-present deer herds around the Lodge.

Lodge office and restaurant the morning we left (in the rain).

The new TVs (and Keurig coffee makers).

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