Monday, January 20, 2014

Day Hike?

I don't have to work tomorrow. So I think I'm going to head up to the mountains very early in the morning and hike to a waterfall I've wanted to see for some time. The last time I went up there to see it, there had been a windstorm and the road to the trail head was blocked by a large fallen tree. I'm hoping I'll have better luck tomorrow, but the weather service says that there's going to be an extreme change in the weather between the time I leave and roughly the time I'll arrive. We'll see.

Here are some shots from the same general area from a couple years back.

A wonderful, well engineered Forest Service trail. I suspect it was originally created by the CCC from a rail bed when some timber company moved through the gorge raping the forests.

One of the great waterfalls on Harper Creek.

I keep threatening to use this campsite located just below the waterfall. I'd want to avoid it on weekends or during a holiday, as it would undoubtedly be crowded in such times.

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