Thursday, January 09, 2014

Confederate Furnace

One thing that I like about just driving around an area with no real destination in mind is that you can stumble upon some pretty cool stuff. Since Virginia was the heart of the Confederacy, there are all kinds of historic sites important to the CSA all over the state. As we were on our way to take a look at a National Forest campground (for possible future use), we noticed an old structure beside the road, along with a historical marker.

So, we quickly backtracked and pulled over to have a good look. It turned out to be a furnace that the Confederate Army used to smelt iron, mainly for the production of cannonballs. It finally ceased operation in early 1865 as the Union forces were kicking Confederate ass at will.

The National Forest sign that stopped us.

It's in wonderful shape. I'd seen another of these near Sherando Lake Recreation Area that's basically a vast pile of loose rubble.

Carole at the front of the forge.

The bars that protect the interior.

Inside the furnace.

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