Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Draw of Yellowstone

In 2010 I realized a life-long dream and visited Yellowstone National Park. Even when I was a kid in grade school I would beg my parents to take me there. But they were self-employed, could not leave the family business, and it was a very long way from Georgia. And later, situation and poverty prevented me from seeing the Park, crown jewel of our entire National Park System.

But in 2010 I finally got the chance to go. We spent the better part of two weeks in Yellowstone, staying in Park lodges and spending the days hiking, touring, rafting. I couldn't get over it, of course. It was everything I had hoped it would be. Hell...it exceeded my expectations.

Three years later and I want terribly to go back there. So do my wife and son. We had our greatest family vacation there and we missed seeing so many things. Maybe we can do it again in a year or two.

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