Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Last December

I'm continuing to work on my latest fiction projects. I may have to ultimately cut back on the Internet just to get the work done. Or switch completely over to photo-blogging. All options on the table.

Almost a year ago since our trip to Carver's Gap and my brief hike to Grassy Bald in frigid temperatures and bone-chilling wind. Sometimes you have to drive a bit to see Old Man Winter here in the South.

Looking at Roan Mountain. The Appalachian Trail is buried under all of the snow and ice somewhere. Some have mentioned the possibility of bringing the bison back to this area. They would have to be cordoned off in some way, at least initially. Returning such a large animal to this part of the East could be problematic.

Some of the deep snow had been scoured away by howling wind. This was on the Appalachian Trail.

Most of the mountaintop is made up of grassy fields. But here and there are small groves of spruce trees.

A little winter magic.


Mark Gelbart said...

I went to Roan Mountain once. It's very beautiful. It is reminiscent of what much of America looked like during the Pleistocene.

James Robert Smith said...

Our high southern peaks are where much of the vegetation retreated when the ice and cold fled north. Little islands of Canadian climate.