Monday, November 04, 2013

What it was...

We had fun at the football game. It was my first visit to the Panthers stadium, and I was impressed with it. Damned thing holds over 70,000 human beings. They say it was almost at capacity. They run an efficient place, because we were out in quick order.

The game was good, unless you were an Atlanta Falcons fan. They got stomped, but good.

Sometimes a guy would kick the ball!
Then one guy would give the ball to another guy and he'd run really fast with it!
Then this other guy would throw the football!
And one guy would catch it and some other fellow would knock him down!
What it was, was football!


Mark Gelbart said...

I'm a Falcons fan.

That game sucked!

James Robert Smith said...

Mark...I was a Falcons fan for most of my life. My favorite days were when Bartkowski and Jenkins and company were winning games. Best running back I ever saw was William Andrews. That man could play!

I'm just not a sports fan anymore, but when I was, it was Falcons football all the way.