Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Random Photos from RMNP

I took all of these in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Too busy working on my latest novel to write any essays. Sorry.

Nice Mother Nature artwork beside a glacial tarn.

Aspens aglow and Longs Peak.

Longs Peak. Yeah, baby!

Heading above treeline on Longs Peak.

A waterfall draining Chasm Lake on Longs Peak. I was sick as shit and loopy when I took this photograph.

Mushroom Rock. It was damned cold.

I think I was pretty altitude sick when I took this. But it was interesting so I took the time to photograph it despite being hideously nauseous. Classic intrusion geology.

Here's what Ed Frank says about this last photo:

I think your "Classic intrusion geology." in the last photo is really nice and is really gneiss - a metamorphic rock and not an intrusive. Most intrusive bands are straight and fill cracks and joints in the initial rock. In high grade metamorphism the rocks are exposed to high amounts of heat and pressure and the mineral elements migrate and reform to form bands of minerals different from the initial rock. These form the curved contorted bands you see in the image.

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