Friday, September 13, 2013

More Kirby Stuff

Over the past week or so I've made some online purchases of back issues of the Kirby comics that I'm missing in my collection. Mainly Fantastic Four, but also a couple of other titles. At this point I'm only missing a very few issues between #21 and #102 of FANTASTIC FOUR. As soon as I plug those gaps in the collection I can concentrate on getting the most expensive issues.

Issue #57 was the first part of a story arc in which the Fantastic Four's arch-villain, Dr. Doom, succeeded in stealing the cosmic power of the Silver Surfer. This meant that Doom had managed to make himself almost god-like. This story was written during a period when Jack Kirby was producing some of the most amazing superhero comics ever created. His concepts and his scripts were second to none. Jack Kirby--and Jack Kirby almost alone--created nearly the entire Marvel Universe of the Silver Age. What he did not contribute to the pantheon, Steve Ditko did. There was no one else at work on these titles as far as conceptual work was concerned.

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