Monday, September 16, 2013

A Spider, man!

On Sunday I helped my wife with a party she planned for some of her childhood pals. While I was standing in the driveway I noticed a dot suspended between two power lines. I quickly realized it was a spider and hauled out my telephoto lens.

Yep. It was a spider.

Then I noticed four more who had the same idea; using the parallel electric lines to use as support for webs.

What is that?

Cropped telephoto shot.


Mark Gelbart said...

The population of orbweavers is high this time of year.

Spiders decided to build webs in front of both my back and front doors.

I've been pulling spiderwebs off my eye glasses everytime I go outside.

James Robert Smith said...

While I was checking out the two big hemlock trees in the back yard I ran into a number of webs. Hated to do it, but I have to check on the health of those trees to make sure they haven't been infested with hwa.

Henry R. Kujawa said...

I regularly KILL anything I find in my house, or my back yard... unless they're crickets, butterflies, or ladybugs.

Yes, it's a judgement call, but to me, there genuinely ARE "pretty" and "ugly" in nature. That goes for animals, insects, plants-- and people. I planted 2 "white pines" in my yard 10 years back, in sheer DEFIANCE of ALL the ugly, ugly weeds that kept sprouting, of a growing variety of species.

Found this stuff at the hardware store in an aerosol can designed to kill spiders for "6 months". Guess what? It actually WORKS. And NO noticable smell at all. Wow.

Been awhile, but the other year I was finding these HUGE spiders in my back yard, I don't mean the tiny things with the nearly-invisible spindly legs (get those in the basement), I mean about an inch across with the legs and looking like a tiny CRAB. Yikes! They weave the most humongous webis out there, and frankly, I don't need that when I'm trying to weed my garden.

James Robert Smith said...

Those are probably some type of Orb spider. They're all over the place. My favorites are the ones in the southern low country--the Golden Orb spider. They can be HUGE! I have walked right into their webs along trails in southern Georgia and in Florida. And there's almost always a BIG spider sitting in the web when I walk into it. Yeah...I do the silly dance trying to get it off me.