Monday, September 30, 2013

On to Upper Falls!

After we headed down from Hawksbill Mountain, Andy and I drove over to the trail head to hike to Upper Falls. You can make a 1.5 mile loop hike out of it, but both of us were tuckered out by the time we got there. So Andy opted out completely and I decided to just hike to the top of Upper Falls and skip the loop hike.

Next time I go up there I will do the entire loop, because I missed seeing the main part of the falls which are pretty high and must be spectacular in a time of high water such as the day we were there.

Yup. This must be the place.

Passing by a big old boulder.

This is an old, popular, and well-trod hiking trail.

The stairs leading to the stream crossing (if you're doing the whole loop) and the top of Upper Falls (including the small cascade above the falls).

These are the cascades above the Upper Falls.

There was a group of co-eds from Appalachian State sun-bathing and studying (I saw the textbooks) at the top of the falls, enjoying probably one of the last warm-ish Sundays of the year.

Looks like an inviting rock slide. Don't try it. Leads to a drop promising death.

Then back up the trail, through the rhododendron tunnels, to the parking lot. I told you I'd have to go home!

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