Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random Photos, Rocky Mountain National Park

We were only in Rocky Mountain National Park for two full days. I'd like to go back and visit it again and hike some more trails there, and get into the back country. Because most of the trip was spent in the San Juans, I haven't even processed all of my photos from the Park. Here are a few random shots.

I saw this withered husk of timber along a glacial tarn and figured it was worth being the subject of a photograph.

Longs Peak, the mightiest mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Above treeline on Longs Peak. This is where I first learned all about altitude sickness first-hand.

A pretty impressive waterfall on the way to Chasm Lake. Made insignificant by the enormity of the landscape around it.


MarkGelbart said...

My sister lives in Colorado near Denver.

I always thought I would get to visit her and see Rocky Mountain National Park, but since my wife had a stroke in 1995 while she was giving birth that dream has been dashed.

We don't want to fly and there's now way we are driving that far.

James Robert Smith said...

So sorry to hear what happened.

It is indeed a very long drive. I flew out, but some day I'd like to drive if I can pull my travel trailer and stay in various parks and National Forests along the way to keep from having to drive too far in a single day.