Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kitten Lilly

We've had Lilly for more than five years, now. She is the smartest cat we've ever had. I'm convinced that what I've heard over the years is true: Siamese cats are the most intelligent breed. Our last Siamese, Cinnamon, was also exceptionally smart, and she lived to be almost 21 years old.

If Lilly lives that long, she could outlive me.

She is also the single most affectionate cat that I have ever seen, or ever even heard of. I've seen many cats that are lap babies, but this is far beyond that. The center of her world is, of course, Carole; but when Carole is not around she smothers me with affection in her place.

For your cuteness overload today, here are photos of Lilly not long after we brought her home.

Like just about all kittens, Lilly enjoyed squeezing into any open drawer she could find.

When we first got her, she was brilliant white. Like every Siamese I've seen, she slowly faded to more brown as she aged.

A coy cutie, for sure.


MarkGelbart said...

My cat died 23 days ago. She was an outdoor cat who lived to be 44 months old. She adopted us when her half-feral mother left her on our door step in the middle of winter. I decided to tame her, and I was successful. The first thing I did was play with her using a piece of string. Despite the wet, windy, cold conditions, she purred right away.

She died of the herpes virus. All cats carry the herpes virus, but it only makes them sick when their immune systems become weakened. She almost died of the same thing at the exact same time last year, but she survived and had one more healthy year.

I still can't get used to opening the front door and not seeing her there. She was as faithful as a dog.

James Robert Smith said...

Sorry to hear that. They do find a way to your heart, for sure. I grew up a dog-person and never realized what great companions cats make until I was into my late 20s.

Kirk G said...

I had to put our cat down five days ago. She had pnumoneua and cancer. Couldn't walk without waddling and shaking. Had no energy to fight.

James Robert Smith said...

Sorry to hear that. Sounds as if that was the only humane option. It's always sad to let them go.