Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fun Trips, Part Two

One extremely fun trip we took was to eastern Tennessee just across the North Carolina border. We stayed at a National Forest campground called Rock Creek. It was one of the best campgrounds and finest single campsites we ever had. We'd like to go back there.

Our campsite. They don't get any better than this one.

This was a waterfall we drove to see. I believe it's actually in North Carolina. Here I was at the base waving to Carole who had remained at the top.

We drove on a very scenic National Forest road near Rock Creek. We stopped at this spot to snap some photos in the dreary, overcast weather. As I was standing here, Carole heard a slight buzzing noise and I looked to see a very large, very fat, almost solid black timber rattler at my feet. Proving once again that they really do not want to mess with us. It could easily have struck me. Despite its size, it had only a few buttons to rattle (the old ones must have fallen off in one of its molts), so it couldn't make very much noise with them.


AlanS said...

Looks like a great camp site. Well separated from other campers and nestled in the bush.

James Robert Smith said...

It is indeed a wonderful campsite. Most of the sites at this campground have lots of space and plenty of shade and separation. Unfortunately, about 30-40% of the trees there are hemlocks and they're all either dead or dying from hwa infestation. That's going to change the complexion of the campground.

Kirk G said...

Who's that nude sunbathing on top of the falls in your photo? You are the luckiest dog.... LOL!

James Robert Smith said...

It's an optical illusion. Pay no attention.