Friday, March 15, 2013

Stuff To Do

We had errands to run yesterday and it cut into my writing time, but I got to roam around the city a little bit with Carole.

I took my son to get some stuff at the drug store and stopped to take a photo of this tree. I've always thought that this was a very pretty and symmetrical oak tree. It used to have a circle of awful cedar trees planted around it so that you could hardly see the base of the tree at all. Fortunately, someone cut them down. I actually need to go back and take another shot of the tree, because from 45 degrees variant from this direction, you can see a tremendous iteration in the tree.

This the tire service run by Carole's cousin in Huntersville. We always go here to buy our tires and to have our vehicles inspected. This was our main errand to get out of the way today.    

A talking Rodney Dangerfield Doll in the office.
The next place we hit was on the way home. I wanted to stop at Nova bakery on Central Avenue to have a latte and a pastry. This building is across the street from the bakery and is a curiosity because I once owned it. The building with the "Tattoo" sign on it and the "Twenty-Two" sign were once mine. There was no tattoo parlor there when it was mine, because I'd never rent any building that I owned to a tattoo parlor.
The outside of Nova's Bakery.

And here we were, at last, inside to order something.
One of the pastry cabinets. I got a walnut brownie. Carole got an almond pastry.

And just before we left we bought a half-dozen brioche buns to take home. Mmmm. Brioche!

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