Monday, March 11, 2013

Break This! (Second in a series.)

Years ago, discussing the slimiest sort of people that I have ever collectively encountered--Libertarians--one of my online pals took issue. He told me that he admired many Libertarians and that he was "proud to have broke bread (sic) with them".

I absolutely hate that kind of use of a term. Ignoring the fact that it came from an idiot and that he was quite happy associating with neo-Fascists, it's just an annoying bit of poorly understood language.

What the fuck did he mean?

I reckon what he meant was that he had either been invited to dine with some right wing assholes and had accepted the invitation, or that he had invited some right wing assholes to dine at his home and that they had accepted his invitation. Or, perhaps, they had met at a mutually agreeable neutral location where assholea go to eat a meal together.

So much for "broke bread".

It's one of the single most annoying uses of a commonly repeated saying that I regularly encounter. The dickwad using it generally thinks that it imparts some kind of intellectual weight to his comments. In fact, though, it alerts me to the fact that I'm listening to the yodeling of an idiot. If what he meant to say is that he had lots of friends who are right wing assholes, then why didn't he just say so? Admission that he was proud of the fact that he mingled freely with neo-Fascists and racists and pro-corporate stooges. That's a lot better than saying that he was "proud to have broke (sic) bread" with such human stench.

So shove your "broke bread" up your conservative asshole and try to speak like a normal human being.

Thanks for your attention to this issue.

(Moron on a Segway)
and second in a continuing series of instructional posts.

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