Saturday, March 30, 2013

Springs Fever, Baby!

Some of the other states have some karst topography that produces the kinds of huge freshwater springs that are found in Florida. But not other state has the sheer number and variety of such springs. I'm always surprised at the number of visitors to Florida who never bother to see these places, save for the few that remain in private hands and which are the centerpieces to amusement parks.

Georgia has a few--notably Radium Springs which is neglected by the State and by the local county where it's located. This is completely insane. It was once a part of a private park and people would flock to it to go swimming and snorkeling. No longer. It's considered one of the great natural wonders of Georgia...but you wouldn't know that from the way it's treated by the folk who run my native state.

Alabama has a few of these, also. Again, though, nothing like what is seen in Florida.

So, that's where we're headed in a few weeks. A tour of some springs we've seen before, and a visit to several where we've never been.

Blue Springs.

Blue Springs Run.

Yours Truly in De Leon Springs.

Jupiter Springs.

Wekiva Springs Run.

Rock Springs Run.


Manatee Springs.

Slider and Gar swimming by underneath.

On the limestone shelf above the main spring at Manatee Springs.

Manatee Springs Run.

Rainbow Springs (one of our favorites).


Kirk G said...

I'm curious what the water temperature is as you're swimming there. What month was this?

James Robert Smith said...

Most of those were taken in the spring. Usually in late April or early May.