Monday, February 11, 2013

Sub-conscious, or intentional?

The latest addition to my growing Jack Kirby FANTASTIC FOUR collection. More on this tomorrow.

Observe, if you will, the rage evident in the visage of one Mr. Benjamin J. Grimm.


MarkGelbart said...

His expression doesn't look like rage to me.

He looks dumbfounded as in "What's going on? I've got the strength of 1000 men and can't escape from this gizmo."

James Robert Smith said...

Believe me, it's rage. Especially after the rape of Kirby's script for the previous two issues by his editor, Stan Lee.

As for the gizmo, Ben turns it into little bits in quick order in the comic.

Kirk G said...

I agree, it doesn't look like rage so much as surprise. When I first saw this cover, I thought the blurb referred to someone approaching them and Ben...someone with the reader's point of view... that it was HIS mission, to destroy the FF. How surprised I was do read the issue and discover it was a retread of the plot of FF #41 in many ways. (It didn't dawn on me that what it was, cause in kid years, it wasn't just 2 1/2 years was like 24 issues, man...that's FOREVER in a kid's life!