Saturday, February 16, 2013

Salt Springs!

One of our favorite places in Florida are the big springs in the Ocala National Forest. And one of the best of these is Salt Springs. We're definitely going there in May. Can't wait to get back there!


Kirk G said...

They let you swim in the salt springs? I don't understand. Are they warm?

James Robert Smith said...

I don't know why I didn't respond to this question, Kirk! My apologies!

Yes, it's a great swimming and snorkeling destination. They're not thermal springs and are a little on the cool side. The weird thing about them is that the fresh water percolates up through some salty strata and has a slightly salty percentage. Enough so that saltwater animals and plants that are from the sea can live there. When you're snorkeling and look down in the main spring vent below you can see really HUGE blue crabs which are normally only found in the sea or in brackish water near the sea.