Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sharper Images from FF #55!

Here are some of the pages from yesterdays essay that have been scanned and cleaned up by Henry Kujawa. (Thanks, Henry!) All of these pages were scanned in by Henry, cleaned up, and color restored and sharpened. Amazing work!

I didn't post this one yesterday, but should have. It's a classic Kirby battle page. Nobody could convey the sense of power with superheroes the way Jack Kirby could.

Keep in mind that there were no scripts or story ideas handed to Jack Kirby by some "co-creator". It's true that Jack Kirby did have to put up with an editor who altered his dialog and inserted captions. But that's what editors do in comics. They were not co-creators, just worker bees who didn't create anything at all. They just did a job and, sometimes, stole the credit rightfully due to people who had talent.


MarkGelbart said...

I remember reading that one, but it must have been in a reprint. I think FF #55 was published before I could read.

That is a great battle.

James Robert Smith said...

Kirby would return to this kind of yarn whenever he needed to take a breather from the longer story arcs he was writing and illustrating for Fantastic Four and Thor.

Kirk G said...

Why would Kirby need a "breather"? It's the same amount of work plotting and drawing out a 20 page comic whether it's in a long story arc or a done-in-one.

James Robert Smith said...

Just my own impression from being a writer. It's far more stressful to write a longer work than it is a shorter one. It's like the difference between writing a short story (which can be done in a day or two) and a novel (which can take several months to a year or more).