Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mountain Land

Carole owns several acres of land high in the mountains near the North Carolina/Virginia border. We have long thought about building a small cabin there. We haven't been up in a while, but every time we visit we walk  around the property looking for likely building sites.

We generally have two options.

There is a high ridge at roughly 4,000 feet that, if partially cleared, would afford us a fantastic view across a vast valley toward Virginia's highest summit, Mount Rogers. This has always been an appealing choice for us.

But there are also very nice spots where we could situate a cabin below the ridge, surrounded by beautiful hardwood forests and backed by a rock garden and thick growths of Catawba rhododendron. This is an attractive alternative, and one which we like more every time we go to the land.

This is probably my favorite spot on the property.

Looking up the steeper slopes toward the top of the ridge. If we put a place up there, we could see Mount Rogers from a potential front porch.

Andy meditating below the natural rock garden.

Andy walking along the gravel access road beyond the private gate.

View from the access road before arriving at the locked gate.

Enjoying the forest.

Someone put up a deer stand right at the property line. We're not sure if it's on our side or the other. Either way, if we put up a cabin, no one will have any luck hunting there.

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