Friday, January 04, 2013

Grand Teton eye candy today. As usual, busy working on novels.

Carole and Andy. The Park Service had these picnic tables all around parts of Jenny Lake.

The Stupefyin' Jones of USA Mountains.

You just stand and stare at them. They are among the best of the best.

We spent most of an entire day on the shores of Jenny Lake.

I was warned about Jackson, Wyoming. But I had to see it. Something as sappy as the elk antler arches made me head there. The place sucks ass. A playground for people with far deeper pockets than mine. I never felt so out of place or unwelcome in an American town. It's for the goddamned rich and only for the goddamned rich. They can keep it.

This was the nicest lodging we had in the two Parks. We really enjoyed our stay in this cabin.

We missed seeing a bull moose in Yellowstone, but saw three in the Tetons.

Sunset. We had stopped to see an out of the way lake just as the sun was going down.

One last viewpoint at Jenny Lake, then we had to leave. Alas!
This was the last place we stopped to take photographs before heading back toward Salt Lake City and the jet that would take us back to North Carolina. It was hard to leave the place.


Kirk G said...

My family went west to the Tetons in 1960 as part of a YMCA convention. There is a campground next to Jenny Lake ("Jenny Lake Campground?") that we tented at, and we sang "It's a Small World After All" in the car until it made Dad sick and tired of it. I recall the name of the mountains, and Jenny Lake, but not much more except for the pines in the campground...oh, and we saw or stayed at the Stanley Hotel...eventual inspiration for "The Shinning!"

James Robert Smith said...

Your dad sounds like a patient man.