Friday, January 18, 2013

FANTASTIC FOUR #90 through #93.

I landed the copies I needed to research and comment on the Jack Kirby four-issue story arc that was told from issue #90 of FANTASTIC FOUR to issue #93 of the title. This was the comic book story that Kirby was uniquely placed to tell using his creation, Ben Grimm.

More, later, after I've read it again and let it soak in.


Kirk G said...

I wonder if one of the reasons why Ben is so moved at the end of the arc, when the FF comes to rescue him... is that the Skrulls were trying to treat him as a slave, yet he retained his dignity, his humanity, and wouldn't become the fighting gladiator...would not give up those things that made him a MAN, despite his strength and appearance. This thought puts this arc into a different light for me. I'll have to go back and read it again now.

James Robert Smith said...

It was the single story that I enjoyed most of the entire FF run when I was a kid (and I had them all). My feeling is that this was Kirby's last push to be creative at Marvel. I think he was ready to leave and go where he could receive the credit he needed and deserved. He was just sick of having Stan Lee take and take for no effort from Lee.

After Kirby left, I think there was just one more FF yarn that I liked, and that was simply because of the art...John Buscema's Thing/Hulk battle fest in FF 111-112. Superb art.

Kirk G said...

Would you consider the next story, the one-shot #94 that interoduces Agatha Harkness to be a good story? It certainly gives short shrift to the Frightful Four, but as a moody piece, a halloween issue, it works really well for me.
That was the last one that I enjoyed.

James Robert Smith said...

I don't own that issue and haven't read it in many, many years. But I do recall that I enjoyed it and that it was rather a clever little story.