Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fresh Air for What Ails Ye

Wow. I have been really sick for more than a week. I've been going to work for a while every morning, but coming home to recuperate. My doctor (who has been caring for my health for more than two decades) gave me some powerful antibiotics and that knocked out the infection, for the most part. But I'm still recovering and I suspect it'll be a few days before I'm full speed.

I also plan to go to the mountains to go camping for a couple of days. I think the fresh air will be good for me and it can't hurt to get out of the house and out of Charlotte.

The Black Mountains. One area where I might go.

A piece of the Black Mountain Crest Trail, one of my favorite trails in North Carolina.

The summit of Cattail Peak, one of the very few mountains in the eastern USA to reach 6,600 feet above sea level.

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