Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Trailer, Big Fun

The single biggest change in the vacations that Carole and I take was due to the purchase of our Casita trailer in 2005. A lot of RV folk make fun of our little trailer, but it's perfect for the kinds of camping that we do. It's only 17 feet long and is very lightweight, being constructed of a body of fiberglass. Because of the way it's built (two pieces) it never leaks. And I mean NEVER. And it's so small that we can take it into the most out of the way campsites in our National Forests, which is where we prefer to camp.

And despite the size of the trailer, it has everything we need to remain comfortable. When we have electric hookup capability, it has a powerful air conditioner. When we don't have electric hookups, we can exist for several days on battery power, but we also have a Honda 2000-watt generator that we use from time to time. The generator will even run the air conditioner, but we don't use it for that.

Another thing that always surprises people who go inside our little trailer is that it has a full bathroom. It has what would be called a "marine head". In the bathroom there is a toilet, a sink, and a shower.

There's also a two-burner gas stove in the trailer, a sink, and a two-person dinette. We leave our bed permanently as a bed, but it can also be made up to serve as a four-person dining table with benches. In brief, the trailer is perfect for our jaunts to isolated campgrounds around the country.

Vacation season is coming up for us, so we're looking around and planning our warm-weather itinerary.

Our typical set-up.

The Smith Casita household on a summer evening in the middle of nowhere.

I like this photo because it shows the small size of our little trailer. This was taken at the Salt Springs Recreation Area in the Ocala National Forest in Florida. This campground was originally a private concern, but the National Forest Service bought it and now it's a public campground. We stayed there while exploring the first-magnitude springs of the Ocala. We enjoyed this campground because it had complete hookups, which we almost never encounter in our National Forest journeys. It had electric, water, and sewer hookups. We're thinking of heading there again for another stay.


Steven Rowe said...

Bob, I showed my spouse the pictures of your trailer - and of course, we both love it. What kind of vehicle do you use to tow it? thanks.

HemlockMan said...

We use our Nissan Frontier (V6) to tow it. A V6 is fine, but I wouldn't tow it with a four-cylinder vehicle. The company (Casita) does make a smaller 13-foot model that can be towed with a four-cylinder car or truck.

I highly recommend Casita trailers. They're light and don't add much to your highway gas mileage, making them an economical alternative to expensive hotels when on vacation. And they're easy to tow so that you can take them to just about any campground. Since my wife and I mainly camp in National Forest campgrounds that are small and isolated, the Casita is perfect.