Friday, February 03, 2012

Last February

Man, the weather has surely been different this winter than last one. This winter...well, we haven't even had a winter. The past two weeks I have worn shorts and short-sleeved shirts to work. And the temperatures have been so high that I've had to deal with humidity and sweating. I don't know about the rest of you, but this human-caused global warming sucks ass. Winter is supposed to be cold at this latitude!

Last year, the ski slopes were deep in heavy snow. The ski resorts rarely had to even use the snow-making machines. It pretty much snowed the entire winter. When Carole and I were in West Virginia and Maryland last February, we saw snowdrifts ten-feet deep. We hiked on packed snow three feet deep in Cathedral State Park. It snowed almost continuously during our visit there.

Now we're back to these hellishly abnormal weather patterns caused by the release of carbon that had been sequestered in the Earth's crust for hundreds of millions of years.

The Earth is screwed.


MarkGelbart said...

I want to remind you that weather is not the same as climate.

Over in Eurasia all the way to Alaska they are having a hell of a winter.

Over 100 people have died in the Ukraine and Poland, and southern Alaska has been buried in mountains of snow.

HemlockMan said...

Indeed. Climate is trending hotter and hotter. Ice cover is melting away. We're well on a slide toward ecological disaster.