Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stone Mountain Hike (Part IV)

I have never been to Stone Mountain State Park without stopping to see Widow Creek Falls. that's because it's such an easy waterfall to view. All you have to do is drive down the main park road, leave your vehicle at the parking lot or along the road, and walk a few steps through the woods to this very pretty waterfall.

As waterfalls go, it's not the tallest, and it doesn't have the highest water volume. However, it's a respectable falls and is very pleasing to watch. I've rarely been there when there weren't at least five or six other humans looking at it, but sometimes you get lucky and have it all to yourself. Especially if you go in winter.

The pool at the bottom of the falls is a popular hangout for families with children. The water there is deep enough for kids to splash around in without having to worry much about them drowning. I've been in the water right at the very base of the falls and the water there has carved out a very deep and classic kettle. The depth of the pothole is about seven or eight feet in high water and it forms a circle roughly six feet across. It's a nice spot to take a dip in on a hot day, and of interest if you're into geology and the effects of water on granite.

There were several families with lots of kids (whom you can hear).

It was hard for me to get a photo of the falls without people in it. When I got there, about twenty humans were in and around the creek. Lots of little kids having fun splashing in the water. Carole and I took Andy there when he was little.

This little cascade is just above the top of the falls.

Another little falls in the creek above the main falls.

By the time I got down from the top, the crowds had pretty much left and I was able to take this shot from the opposite side of the waterfall.

Most of the people had fled by the time I walked back down.


Jack said...

Never been to that one. Somehow I missed it the one time I visited Stone Mountain State Park.

HemlockMan said...

All you have to do is drive down the main park road past the last Stone Mountain trailhead and after you cross a little bridge the parking area is on your right. Park and take a stroll of about thirty paces into the forest and you're at the base of the falls. You can actually see it from the road.