Monday, September 26, 2011

No Pain

Today was the first time back to work when I haven't been horribly limping or sick from the tetanus shot.

Carole and I have solidified our October vacation plans. Definitely the area around Helvetia, WV. It'll be good to get back there. I hope to hike up a few mountains while we're there.

Too busy writing to post much here. But I will include this stitched photo taken of me in 2006 by Jack Thyen at a waterfall in the Citico Creek Wilderness in western Tennessee. I was even able to get Carole to hike down to see this one. It was a fairly steep hike, too.

I was about 25 pounds lighter in 2006 than I am now. Hope to get back down to that weight again, which is one of the reasons I've been on such a strict vegetarian diet for the past couple of months.


Jack said...

I remember that one! Carole and Amy loved that hike! It started raining pretty hard as we were climbing out!

dogboy443 said...

What kind of menu are you on? Details if you have the time. I could lose a few...ok a lot of pounds too so it might benefit me to try more veggies throughout the diet.

HemlockMan said...

Jack: Yeah, that was a great hike! And, yep, we got soaked hiking out. But Citico Creek Wilderness is definitely a place I need to revisit.
If you recall, there was a virgin hemlock forest on the way in. My ENTS folk tell me that ALL of those hemlocks are dead now. Completely wiped out.

HemlockMan said...

Mark: I'm not working on a particular diet. What I do is eat the things I ate before, but without adding in meat. So if I was having a meal with cabbage, brown rice & beans, and barbecued pork, I just remove the barbecued pork. I haven't had any meat at all in about two months, except for one serving of grilled trout a few weeks ago. I thought I'd miss pork and steak and chicken, etc., but I don't. Carole tried to get me to eat some roast turkey she made and after two bites I got kind of nauseous. It was well prepared and I would have loved it two months ago. But after going so long without meat I just couldn't handle it.