Saturday, September 03, 2011

Another Look at Mars

I doubt we're ever going to get the chance to visit Mars. We've given our world's wealth to a handful of greedy fucks, and they have no interest in allowing space travel technology to proceed. But apparently our unmanned scientific craft are slowly uncovering bits of information that make that little rocky world a tad more interesting than I suspected.

The last time I wrote about Mars all I had to say about it was that it's a frozen, dry, dead crumb of stone orbiting outside the Goldilocks Zone and that there's probably not much point in looking at it except as a curiosity.

But maybe not. As we all know, where there's water, there's the possibility of life. And if there ever was any life, then we know how tenacious it is. No matter what, it seems to be able to find a niche somewhere that it can use to hang on, despite the negative things that come for it.

So the latest news is that water is still flowing on Mars today. If that proves to be a fact, then maybe some living Martian stuff is still there, thriving or just hanging on. It's just too bad that humans have decided to let a tiny minority of greedy fucks rule over us so that they can steal our wealth and resources, preventing us from ever achieving the dreams we once had.

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