Saturday, January 22, 2011

The World's Greatest Comic Book

Generally when I buy a copy of a comic book for my collection, it's a "reading" copy. That is, in lower grade so that I don't have to worry about further lowering the grade when I actually handle the book and read it. There's something about reading the original publication that I like. Plus, I really dig the sensation of handling the pages and smelling the pulp.

But recently I bid on a high grade copy of the Amazing SPIDER-MAN #33. I already had a copy of the book, but I just bid on it on a lark...and for some reason (this was on Ebay) nobody else bid on the item and I ended up with it for a ridiculously low bid. So it goes.

To me, this is the single best superhero comic book ever. If there's a finer example of the breed, I have yet to read it. No other individual story comes anywhere close to this one in quality of writing and illustration. The combination of the two reached its pinnacle with this issue of the Amazing Spider-Man. Everything else has been an attempt by others to equal this single book, which is the third part of a three-issue story arc and the culmination of the work.


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